In this episode Ian sits down with Ned KenneyCo-Founder & CEO of Laughable to talk about comedy, apps, the struggle between art and commerce, and the future of Laughable!

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Laughable's Mission statement:

Laughable is a technology company in the comedy business.

We have a dual mandate:

1. Empower consumers of comedy to discover content and comedians that most reliably make them laugh, and

2. Empower creators of comedy to grow and monetize their fan bases.

To be more succinct: we help consumers of comedy find funny, and we help creators of comedy find fans and money.

Our long-run ambition is to be a global marketplace for comedy, running the gamut of ‘comedic output’ — from digital content, to merchandise, to live performances — and powered by mobile software, data science, and a kick-ass brand everyone knows, loves, and trusts.


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