This episode starts with a KenTV puppet show, then special guest Scumbag Vinny Beedle shows up to tell all. We learn the truth about SaiyanZ and Mersh's reporting on Artie Lange, Vinny's history with Cum Town, and Bam Margera's current mental health / war with Jack Ass. We also look at EXCLUSIVE footage of Tony Hinchcliffe being dragged out of a building, Luis J. Gomez gives Ian the green light to beat up Tony, RedBar shouts out Ian Ellis, Anthony Jeselnik takes multiple beatings in the middle and end of the show. Dave Chappelle exposed for cheating? We are also joined by Rex, Hellen, and Aussie Ellis to play TRANS OR NON-Binary. Finally we take a look at Dante Nero's shrinking neck. This ep is jam packed with secrets, enjoy! 

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